New and Refurbished Vacuums

We offer two main brands of new and refurbished machines; Kirby and Riccar. Below you can find out information about each brand, as well as some of the models that we have available. You can find other brands of used machines at our shop (2504 E. 7th Street, Joplin, MO).


Riccar vacuums are a brand that is made in St. Charles Missouri. They offer four main machines (Vibrance, Radiance, Brilliance, and Supralite) but there are a number of choices and addons for each machine.


This machine is Riccar's entry level upright machine. It is a 10 Amp machine that has a steel roller with replaceable brush strips. It also features on board tools and attachments (duster brush, crevice tool, and upholstery tool).


This machine is one of Riccar's 2 motor uprights. It has a three row brushroll that allows the user to remove them and choose between soft medium and hard brush strips.. It sports an external Hepa filter (which allows for a larger bag). The Radiance also has LED headlights. Other metal parts include :Metal top cord hook, release pedal, roller/rugplate, and wand.


The Brilliance is Riccar's entry level 2 motor vacuum. It has a metal roller with two rows of brushes. It also has a lifetime belt. Other metal features include: metal wand, top cord hook, roller/rugplate, and release pedal.


Riccar offers two Broom Vac models. The Steward is their corded broom vac; it features a brush strip as well as a revolving roller and a long cord. The Roam model is a recharge-able broom vac with onboard hose. This model also features an agitating brush with on/off capibility.


The Supralite Upright is Riccar's 8lb Upright. They offer a direct air motor and large bag capacity. The Supralite offers better suction, brush action, and maneuverability than the leading brand 8lb uprights.


Compact Straight Suction Canister

Riccar's straight suction canister's are a small, lightweight canister with excellent suction power. They offer a variable speed motor and a retractable cord, as well as metal wands

Canisters with Powernozzel

Riccar offers midsize canisters with midsize powernozzels as well as full size machines with deluxe powernozzels. All of these models offer variable speed motors, Hepa filtration, and retractable cords. The deluxe powernozzel models feature metal roller, metal rugplate, and true carpet height adjustment.


Riccar offers two handheld models; the Supraquik and the Squire. The Supraquik is a lightweight handheld straight suction canister, with hose and attachments, as well as a shoulder carrying strap. It sports as much suction power as a full size canister vacuum. The Squire model is a lightweight handheld unit with a two speed motor, agitating brush, and small attachment hose. The agitating brush feature is a bonus when used for cleaning carpet and other fabric.

Refurbished Machines

We carry a complete line of refurbished vacuums. This includes brands such as; Kirby, Riccar, Oreck, Rainbow, Hyla, Electrolux, Dyson, Royal, Hoover, Eureka, Dirt Devil, Bissell, and others.